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Ideagen Global's

2023 Global Goals Summit

Hosted at The Nasdaq Global Headquarters

Available December 1st

About the Summit

Ideagen Global, in collaboration with The Permanent Greek Mission to the United Nations, is back at The Nasdaq for the 2023 Global Goals Summit! A staple of the Ideagen annual calendar, The Global Goals Summit aims to define, highlight, and connect the work of individuals and organizations from across industries in their efforts to create sustainable business impacts and foster the achievement of the UN Global Goals by 2030.


The Summit's agenda will cover topics such as philanthropy and the public sector, financing for the SDGs, gender equality, the connection between health and technology, and more.

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As we surpass the halfway point of the timetable to achieve the Global Goals, now is a pivotal time to assess and reflect on the progress made and the work that still needs to be done to ensure the achievement of these Goals. Join Ideagen and The Permanent Greek Mission in crucial cross-sector conversations featuring panels and speakers from organizations across the aisle!

By creating an open discussion for a diverse group of leaders, we provide an authentic conversation for speakers to share their organization's strategies and sustainability initiatives with a network of other industry leaders. In doing so, Ideagen aims to accelerate the achievement of The Global Goals, and create lasting partnerships between organizations that can be leveraged to produce more sustainable outcomes. 

Summit Mission