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Ideagen 2023 Global Leaders Power 50 List


 Ideagen, where the world’s leading CEOs, corporations, NGOs, and public sector organizations convene to innovate and collaborate by introducing solutions to the world’s most vexing issues reveals their annual Global 100 Innovators List at the Microsoft Reactor in San Francisco.

The Global Innovators 100 List highlights individuals who demonstrate leadership and vision, especially in their ability to use innovation to change the world. The Global 100 Innovators List is a qualitative list and not a ranking. While there are countless factors to measure the impact of individuals and organizations, the Global 100 Innovators list focuses on an individual’s focus on innovation as a method to solve for x.

While there is no official ranking, Ideagen honors Satya Nadella of Microsoft as the Global Innovator of the Year. The reveal took place at Microsoft’s Reactor in San Francisco, a fitting place to honor the company’s luminary.

Below is the complete list of Global 100 Innovators:

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