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2022 Global Goals Summit

From The United Nations 

About the Summit

By bringing together leaders from a variety of companies, organizations, and NGOs,The Global Goals Summit is a forum for executive-level leaders to discuss the impacts of The Global Goals on their business and provide solutions to one or more of the Global Goals.


The Summit's agenda will cover topics such as philanthropy and the public sector, financing for the SDGs, gender equality, the connection between health and technology, and more.


For this Summit, Ideagen convened a variety of leaders to approach The Global Goals from a macro perspective. Objectives of this Summit include harnessing the insights of cross-sector collaboration to highlight awareness and partnerships to achieve The Sustainable Development Goals.


By creating an open discussion for a diverse group of leaders, we provide an authentic conversation for speakers to share their organization's strategies and sustainability initiatives with a network of other industry leaders. In doing so, Ideagen aims to accelerate the achievement of The Global Goals, and create lasting partnerships between organizations that can be leveraged to produce more sustainable outcomes. 


2022 Summit Mission

Our Moderator

Yanna Darilis Headshot.jpeg
Yanna Darilis
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Having a career in broadcast spanning over 25 years, Yanna has extensive experience as a Producer, Content Creator, and on-camera talent, specializing in live broadcasts. She has organized and moderated several panels at the United Nations, in addition to her involvement in Ideagen's 2022 Global Impact Summit in Athens, Greece.  

Welcome to the 2022 Global Goals Summit!

Ideagen, The Permanent Mission of Greece to the United Nations, and UNCTAD welcome you to Ideagen's 2022 Global Goals Summit, hosted at the United Nations. Ideagen thanks all our sponsors for their unwavering efforts to support our mission and The Global Goals.

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Featured Interview: Deepak Chopra

CEO Whisperer Robert Reiss sits down with world-renowned author and speaker Deepak Chopra. Deepak and Robert discuss the status of the world today and how each of us can be a solution to modern-day problems. Personal and insightful, hear the secrets and mindsets Deepak and Robert have learned from years of experience with CEOs from across the world.

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Featured Interview: Rawle Andrews Jr

Mental health is one of the most rapidly growing problems in the world today, but why are we lagging in our understanding of how to treat those with mental illness? Rawle Andrews Jr. of the American Psychiatric Association sits down with Ideagen CEO George Sifakis for a discussion about the issue of mental health and how to combat this growing concern by making mental health mainstream.

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Panel 1: Achieving the Global Goals

As we approach 2030, where do we stand in achieving the SDGs by the next decade? In this panel, non-profit and SDG leaders identify where we are falling behind and how we can get back on track through outreach, partnerships, and involvement guided by the tenants of the Social Development Goals.

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Panel 2: Partnerships for the Goals

Partnerships are crucial to achieving the SDGs. Whether through investments in DEI, Corporate Responsibility, or community involvement, learn how leaders from companies and non-profits utilize partnerships to create mutual benefits for their businesses and the communities they serve.

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Featured Keynote: Tech for Good, Gretchen O'Hara

In our featured Keynote, Gretchen O'Hara, Vice President of Worldwide Channels & Alliances at Splunk, discusses the power and potential of big data through her work with Splunk. Known as the "Data Divide," Gretchen outlines how big data, crucial for commercial success, can have an equally as powerful impact on the Social Development Goals.

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Providence and Splunk, Commitment to the Global Goals

Gretchen O'Hara of Splunk and BJ Moore of Providence sits down with Ideagen's George Sifakis to discuss what their organizations are doing to satisfy the Social Development Goals. With advanced technologies and capabilities through partnerships, Splunk and Providence are using their resources to achieve not just one but all of the SDGs. Hear personal experiences from BJ and Gretchen on key lessons they believe can change the world in this featured interview.

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Technology & Sustainability: How to make progress after commitments, featuring Microsoft's Grace Clack

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Panel 3: Leadership & Education

Educating youth to complete the SDGs in the future will rely on educators and students aligning their goals in the classroom to those of the United Nations. By connecting educators with students for a discussion, we create a greater understanding of what students see happening now and what we want for them in the future. Hear from exceptional student representatives and experienced educators on how to prepare the youth of today to solve the issues of tomorrow. 

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Panel 4: Gender & Work

Randy Kurtz, Executive Vice President of Opportunity International, leads this panel focusing on economic and workforce access for women in America and abroad. Hear first-hand stories from Opportunity International Senior VP Simona Haiduc, President of the Visa Foundation, Graham MacMillan, and Sarah Gesereich, Principle at 127 Global Strategies, on how they create economic opportunities for women across the world. 

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Panel 5: Health Equity & Sustainability

SDG 3, Good Health and Well-Being, is a fundamental goal that applies to everyone. Featuring Patricia Cornet and Kemi Olugemo of Women of Color in Pharma, and Dr. Nicole Hayre of the Cosmetic Dermatology Center, our panelists have dedicated years to advanced medical research and explored how access to quality healthcare can be expanded to those support those currently underserved.

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Panel 6: Global, Cross-Sector Leadership & the SDGs

Moderated by Kim Smith, Global VP at IBM, this panel focuses on personal and professional leadership within the values of the UN SDGs. Hear how our speakers align their values to their work and instill personal leadership lessons to empower themselves and their organizations.

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Featured Powerchat: The Future of Work

Consequential of the Covid-19 pandemic, the workforce has undergone radical changes that are here to stay. Due to new workforce preferences around flexibility and personalization, an effort to create responsible workplaces, and organizations' desire to empower their constituents, companies must find new ways to maintain their talent. Hear Robert Reiss and Sanjay Rishi of JLL discuss these topics in "The Future of Work."

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Our Speakers

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Founder, Chopra Foundation & Chopra Global
Gretchen O'Hara
  • LinkedIn
Vice President of Worldwide Channels and Alliances, Splunk
  • LinkedIn
Director of Product Marketing, Cloud for Sustainability, Microsoft
Antonios Papakostas Headshot.jpeg
  • LinkedIn
Minister Plenipotentiary
Deputy Permanent Representative of Greece to the UN
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 1.06.54 PM.png
  • LinkedIn
Founder & CEO, The CEO Forum Group
Chantal Line
  • LinkedIn
Chief, United Nations Conference on Trade & Development, New York Office
George Headshot.jpeg
  • LinkedIn
Founder & CEO, Ideagen
  • LinkedIn
Global Vice President, IBM
  • LinkedIn
CIO and EVP of Real Estate Strategy and Operations, Providence
  • LinkedIn
VP, Global Head of Start Ups, AWS
Sharon John Updated Headshot_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn
CEO, Build-A-Bear
Rawle Andrews Headshot.jpeg
Andrews Jr
  • LinkedIn
Executive Director, American Psychiatric Association Foundation (APAF)
  • LinkedIn
President & Chair, KPMG US Foundation
De Cordova
  • LinkedIn
Chairman, Pvblic Foundation
Permanent Observer to the United Nations, OIJ
  • LinkedIn
CEO, Summer Discovery 
Randy Kurtz
  • LinkedIn
Executive VP,
Opportunity International
  • LinkedIn
Senior VP, Morgan Stanley
Director, Investing with Impact
Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 10.52.56 AM.png
  • LinkedIn
President, ACS Athens Schools
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Co-Founder, Women Of Color In Pharma (WOCIP)
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CEO, JLL Work Dynamics - Americas
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CEO & Founder, Women's Health Access Matter (WHAM)
  • LinkedIn
Founder & Managing Director, CxCatalyst
  • LinkedIn
President, Visa Foundation
  • LinkedIn
Founder, Cosmetic Dermatology Center
  • LinkedIn
Founder & President, Global Partnerships Forum