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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Ideagen’s Annual Global Leadership 2030 Summit is committed to finding systemic solutions via catalytic impact to solve the world’s most vexing issues. Effective leadership is crucial now more than ever as we work to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our goal was to show how global leaders are addressing some of the most vexing issues of today, highlighting their leadership qualities and capabilities, and bringing awareness to major causes!

"You know it when you see it [leadership] and you miss it when you don't" - Simon Bland, CEO & President of the GLIDE

Simon went on to say that "Your alluding to the fact of the importance of leadership to really set direction, inspire, motivate, and facilitate action" that is exactly what our incredible line of speakers do on a daily basis within their companies and organizations.

What Makes a great leader?

After hosting countless global leaders and luminaries from across sectors at Ideagen summits we have seen a thing or two about what makes a great leader.

Simon does a great job at leading with a purpose driven mindset. He sets the pace for his organization, the Global Institute for Disease Elimination, and helps to keep his colleagues on a path that achieves their goals. (watch his talk here)

The US President of Microsoft, Kate Johnson takes a slightly different approach to her leadership as she leads with empathy. Driving the multibillion dollar US sector of Microsoft, her focus is to connect with her employees, she described this when she took her leadership team on a company retreat to Alabama. (watch her talk here)

Another, often overlooked, aspect of leadership is being able to pivot drastically and quickly to the ever changing tides of business. The CEO and President of Build-A-Bear knows this very well. She discusses how, going into a pandemic and the changing consumer shopping habits, she had to shut down all global retail stores and quickly pivot an in person experience to a digital, online one that would still meet the companies needs. "We have been able to pivot the company, understanding the value of the brand, how stretchable it can be into new revenue streams" (watch her talk here)

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